As a business information specialist, Graydon has an enormous database of structured and unstructured data. By unlocking, organising and combining this data, we make predictive analytics, models and scores in the areas of Credit Management, Market Information and Risk & Compliance. This provides valuable insights that enable you to make better business decisions and help your business grow.
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Graydon has standardised a number of frequently requested analyses. In addition, we have a team of data scientists to perform specific business issues or custom analyses. Are you lacking data, tools or expertise to do this yourself? Our specialists are happy to tackle this problem with you.

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Risk Analysis

This analysis, based on your own customer data, shows who your most important customers are, which customers generate the highest turnover and on which suppliers you depend most. With that insight, you know where possible risks and opportunities lie for your company.

Supplier Analysis

If a supplier cannot meet their expectations, it has an immediate impact on your business. This analysis tells you which suppliers pose a (financial) risk and how they perform in relation to each other and the overall market.

Market Analysis

Are you thinking of expanding your existing market segment or entering a new market? With the Graydon Market Analysis you determine your own market position and you gain insight into all start-ups, bankruptcies, fast growing companies and credit scores per segment. For example, you analyse trends based on concrete figures, predict future developments and take well-considered decisions.

Location Analysis

Do you want to open a new branch or do you want to compare your current branches? For a correct comparison between sites, you can not only look at the financial results, but you will also have to take into account the composition of the area. With this analysis you know how your branches are performing and where there are opportunities.

Forecasting Analysis

In a period of uncertainty, it is important to know how your company's turnover is likely to develop. For example, what is the impact of COVID-19 on your customer portfolio? And what effects will this have on your company's turnover now and in the future? With the Forecasting Analysis you can simulate different economic scenarios.

Sector Analysis

Do you want insight into the development of specific sectors? The Graydon Sector Analysis tells you everything about the number of newly incorporated and dissolved businesses within this segment, whether companies are going to grow or shrink and the financial health of the companies in this sector. This enables you to shape your commercial approach in a targeted manner.

Municipal Analysis

This analysis provides you with an overview of all relevant (financial) information about all organisations within your municipality. The Municipal Analysis provides you with a basis for drawing up an appropriate policy for your local economy.

City Dashboard

The Graydon City Dashboard is an indispensable platform for anyone who wants to know how cities and municipalities perform and evolve economically. Mayors and municipal or city councils, but also government services, political parties and consultancy companies can gain a wealth of information from it.

DNA Analysis

A DNA analysis provides you with a picture of your ideal customer based on various characteristics. In addition, it points out opportunities and risks in your customer portfolio. Ideal for setting up procedures for different types of customers and determining priorities. With this, you will be targeting your arrows at financially stable customers who have the prospect of growth.

Bespoke Analysis

Growing companies are making smart use of their data to make the right strategic decisions. However, this information is not always available or easily accessible. For a customised analysis, you benefit from our expertise, our sophisticated systems and numerous unique data sources that we can use.