2-minute tips

Please take a moment to read these tips. That way, you’ll be up to date with the latest developments on the platform in no time. We hope that you will find these tips are helpful. Do you have further questions about Graydon Insights? Please contact our Customer Success Team by telephone on +44 (0)20 8515 1400 or by email: They will be happy to assist you.

2-minute tips

The best experience with the fastest browsers

At Graydon, we like to work efficiently and, undoubtedly, so do you. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox are the most efficient browsers for surfing the internet and using Graydon Insights.

Other browsers may be outdated, which may cause prolonged website loading times or affect your online security. So, always use one of those three browsers.

If you are a Mac users, Safari is among the recommended browsers.

Adding references when you request a report

If you’ve looked up a company, you’ll be shown this button.

Click it and some information about the company will appear. Graydon, in this example.

In the section “Your reference for this company” you can then add your own reference (for archive purposes for instance).

Don’t forget to save your reference. You’ll see them each time you request a report for this company.

Monitor your usage in the management dashboard

You can easily monitor your usage under the “Management Dashboard” tile. See here how.

Click on “Management Dashboard” and navigate to “Usage”. Here you can check the usage of your users for each product, which looks like this:

There are 2 different ways to check your usage:

  • Based on the unique company numbers that you’ve requested
  • Based on all the reports you’ve requested

Click one of these two buttons to download your detailed usage as an Excel spreadsheet.


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