Marketing and Sales: A new way of working

Marketing and Sales: A new way of working to benefit the whole business

"Knowledge is power". Never has this been more true than in today’s commercial world. The companies that are best able to incorporate new, relevant and trustworthy information into their collective knowledge are the ones that will pull ahead of their competitors with lowered risk, improved conversion rates and greater value per customer. 

Working together, humans and computers can substantially increase the availability of usable and actionable intelligence to their organisations. Not just within the credit management department, but to the company as a whole – the marketing and sales functions in particular. For example, it’s possible to automatically identify potential new customers, discover which are suitable for upsell, and which clients sales and marketing should sideline because of their unprofitability or potential demise.

This white paper builds the foundation for how work on such a strategy, including:

  • The importance of information-sharing across the organisation
  • The value of a company-wide approach to intelligence gathering
  • The potential for a board-driven function dedicated to satisfying the information needs of all departments

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