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Webinar: How to ensure a smooth and secure onboarding process

Do you have an optimal onboarding process?

Screening customers and suppliers is more important than ever. While business models change and companies merge with other organisations in the current uncertain economic climate, the number of bankruptcies continues to increase.

Laws and regulations regarding customer due diligence are also constantly changing. This makes screening customers and suppliers even more complicated. But no less important. Consider the fines that you could land if you are not demonstrably compliant.

You need to know how to turn your onboarding process into a pleasant customer journey while keeping all this in mind. Then you can effortlessly intercept fraudsters, without affecting your real customers.

What will you learn from our webinar?

  • The risks of having a sub-optimal onboarding process
  • How you can offer your prospects a pleasant customer experience
  • How you can ensure a smooth and secure onboarding process
  • And much more…

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