Market Outlook Paper Graydon - Make seamless onboarding a smooth train journey

Make seamless onboarding a smooth train journey

With fraud rising, now amounting to more than one million pounds per week, it is more important than ever to keep an eye on your clients and suppliers.

Especially in crisis situations like COVID-19 that offer fraudsters even more opportunities, maintaining insight in your chain is essential. But this is getting more complex every day. How can you ensure a secure onboarding journey for your clients and prospects, without having to compromise anything in speed, quality and experience?

In this Market Outlook Paper you will find:

  • How fraudsters’ new tricks and changing laws are making it difficult to keep up
  • The importance of stopping fraudsters at the very first touchpoint: Onboarding.
  • How to offer your clients a seamless and secure onboarding process, like a smooth train journey.
  • And much more…

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