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Infographic: Commercial Fraud

How exposed are you to fraud?

Keeping an eye on your clients and suppliers has always been important. But nowadays it is even more essential, as well as more complex than ever. Companies are collapsing, merging, and adjusting their revenue models. At the same time, insolvencies are more common than ever in this corona era. Therefore, it is also important to screen your prospects to make sure you will be paid, given that there are huge fluctuations in the current economy.

In these circumstances, it is a real challenge for organisations to maintain insight into their business relations. At the same time, these insights are more important than ever!

What will you learn from our infographic?

  • The average loss for each successful instance of fraud
  • How much commercial fraud has been prevented by Graydon
  • How many companies have been the victim of fraud
  • And much more…

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