Credit maturity model

Discover the maturity of your credit management

Credit management is no longer restricted to chasing defaulters and collecting bills. Rather, modern credit management is evolving from reactive debtor management to a more proactive approach and through intelligent interaction with customers and prospects. To achieve this, the shackles must be removed from some deep-rooted habits. To what extent are you prepared for this transformation?

4 phases to modern credit management

To discover how mature your credit management practices are, Graydon has developed the Credit Maturity Model. It provides insights into opportunities for improvement and shows how you can evolve towards an optimal credit management. The Credit Maturity Model distinguishes four phases:

  • Starting
  • Professionalisation
  • Preventative
  • Data-driven

Download the poster

Download the poster, complete the spider graph and discover the level of maturity of your credit management. You will see at a glance where your credit management policy excels in and where changes are for improvement.

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