eBook Graydon - Reading a financial statement for Dummies

Reading a financial statement for Dummies

Make informed decisions through a financial statement.

Access to financial statements has become relatively straightforward, but assessing them is unfortunately not as simple. Yet, despite the understanding of the details within a financial statement being crucial for any business, many struggle to interpret the financials. Your business relations can tell great stories, but do their financial statements back-up their claims? Learn how to read financial statements like a pro with the help of this guide.

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Making financial statements easier.

Many accounting terms are centuries old and thier meanings are often not directly fathomable. But don't despair: we've created Reading the Financial Statement for Dummies to provide you with a firm grasp on interpreting and drawing conclusions from any financial statement. Step-by-step, all aspects and elements of the financial statement are reviewed and clearly explained, from the balance sheet to the notes of the financial statement and other data. Tips and tricks will make you a diehard amongst financial statement readers, and, scattered throughout the chapters, we provide you with the grim pleasure of reading about a number of major financial accounts scandals; examples of how it should definitely not be done. Happy reading!

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