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Graydon App for Salesforce

This plug-in solution linking Graydon's database to your Salesforce environment

To ensure that companies working with Salesforce can quickly and easily access the best data, at Graydon, we have worked on developing an application that can be integrated with Salesforce. This plug-in solution links our database to the Salesforce environment, allowing you to easily add Graydon data to your CRM system and to enrich standard fields.


What data and insights can it implement?

Salesforce users can access the following data and insights via the application:

  • General company information
  • All Graydon scores
  • All financial information from the financial statement
  • All relationships including managers, shareholders/participants and the group structure
  • The Salesforce app makes clear whether the company you’re looking for actually exists. You then choose how to import this company into your system.

Interested in testing this solution?

Our solution has been built by a Salesforce premium partner (Gen25) and, of course, fulfils all security requirements.

Salesforce has a marketplace where you can buy apps (Exchange), however the Graydon app is not available there yet. Soon…

If you would like to test or be demoed the app, simply fill in the form on the side and we’ll get in touch with you shortly to organise your personalised consultation and demo.