Graydon Ledger Management

What does Graydon Ledger Management do?

At a glance:

  • Combine internal and external data into unique insights
  • One-off setup, no manual aftercare
  • Determine your own risk segments
  • Enhanced by Graydon scores
  • Easy export in a format to suit you



Do you look only at internal data when you have to make decisions quickly? If so, you’re relying on a subjective image. Combining internal data with external data always means added value for your company. Graydon Ledger Management combines the best of both worlds: your aging debt balance together with our financial knowledge and insights.

Discover the ideal tool for detecting risks, but also opportunities.

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With Graydon Ledger Management, you automatically link your customer data with the scores and insights from the Graydon database. Graphs and tables show how the risks are spread and you immediately know where there are opportunities in your customer portfolio.
Further refining with different parameters is always possible, for example, configuring lists by employee or sector. Plus, the renowned Graydon scores such as credit advice, rating, and payment score are included in every overview, so you get
unbiased acumen.


Ledger Analyser Screenshot.jpg


Why use Graydon Ledger Management?

Because every company deals with risks and opportunities in its own specific way, you can organise the risk matrix in Graydon Ledger Management entirely according to your needs. You decide for yourself which situations you consider
to be a risk or an opportunity and which - internal and external - data you will or will not include.

In short, this tool gives you extra insights thanks to a direct combination of your data and unique Graydon data. It will save you time and money.

Access and Delivery

To activate Ledger Management, you will be requested to accept, only once, the setup of a link between your database and the Graydon Insights platform. A file will then be automatically imported into our database at regular intervals. You determine the frequency of those imports (daily, weekly or monthly). 

Afterwards, no manual process will be required, and your ledger data will be updated with each automatic import. Consequently, companies will be added or removed from Graydon Ledger Management. We provide links for every financial system, so you can use Ledger Management quickly and in just a few simple steps.