Graydon Ledger Management

What does Graydon Ledger Management do?

The platform provides you with an overview of the level of risk in your ledger, enabling proactive management to reduce payment delays, or even identify sales opportunities by focussing on the most important elements of your ledger.

Receive valuable insights through analytics, ratings and scores that are gauging and highlighting the risks and performances of each of the companies listed. The service includes:

  • Probability of default
  • Propensity for growth
  • Payment trends
  • Credit limit
  • Graydon rating
  • Credit flag

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Better segmentation to see the full picture

Discover how the Ledger Analyser gives you the ability to segment and identify outstanding debts based on risk level, rating or Aged Debt distribution. Filter and examine sub-sections of your ledger based on:

  • Sector
  • Company Size
  • Company Age
  • Sales territory
  • Product category


Ledger Analyser Screenshot.jpg


Plus, the analysis can be scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.