Graydon Monitoring Tool

What does Graydon Monitoring Tool do?

The service monitors the UK companies of your choice and sends you an alert when changes occur. The change may represent good as well as bad news. So, monitoring helps you seize and capitalise on opportunities amongst your customers and prospects and helps you stay one step ahead in case they take a turn for the worse.


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Tailored to your business

Users can upload multiple lists of companies to monitor, based on their needs, and tailor the criteria for alerts. Certain events enable more detailed conditions to be set, including increases, decreases, limits and percentage changes for several variables.

For the first time, you can proactively select the updates you wish to receive, saving time and ensuring the relevant updates are received:

  • Graydon rating
  • Graydon rating percentage
  • Credit limit
  • Predictive score of success or failure
  • Annual Accounts
  • Payment Score
  • Legal form
  • CCJs
  • Directors
  • Shareholders
  • Address change
  • Graydon Rating Percentage
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number


Access & Delivery

From 2019, Graydon’s monitoring will be available via Graydon Insights, our state-of-the-art platform.

Alternatively, if you wish to integrate the service directly into your internal systems, a REST API, will be available mid-2019. All the technical information relevant for your developer(s) to request an early development is available at