Graydon Monitoring Tool

At a glance:

  • Proactive insights, allowing you to immediately intervene if the risk profile changes
  • Detect new opportunities 
  • Daily or weekly notifications of all changes to your customer portfolio
  • Select the event types and the companies that matter to you
  • Create and manage unlimited lists and profiles



What does Graydon Monitoring Tool do?

Growing your company means you have to weigh up risks and opportunities correctly. The fact that your customer passes the acceptance process without issues and pays on time today does not mean that will be the case tomorrow. Any kind of event can have an impact and generate potential risks or, on the contrary, open new opportunities.

It is impossible to follow closely all the changes in large customer portfolios. But Graydon Monitoring Tool helps you and informs you of any changes to your business relationships so you can intervene quickly and efficiently if need be. You can view both positive (new growth potential) and negative (increased financial risk) insights.

Customers and suppliers watchdog

Monitoring ensures that you are always fully informed and never face unpleasant surprise such as bankrupt customer or supplier. Plus, by keeping a close eye on your ledger you have all the cards in hand to identify new opportunities with
for example, a customer’s investments or take-over by a larger, wealthier organisation, or to prevent any impact on your own production process with a failing supplier.

Graydon Monitoring Tool came about in collaboration with customers, whereby the needs and wishes of the market were considered as much as possible.

Access and Delivery

All the data, scores and insights are available via the online platform Graydon Insights or can be integrated directly into your trusted, in-house systems and applications thanks to REST APIs.
For more information about Graydon’s APIs, your developers can get more details from our dedicated site: