Graydon customer acceptance

Want to know your customer?

Graydon Onboarding combines three important checks in your customer acceptance process: Credit checks, Compliance checks (KYC and AML) and Fraud into a single user-friendly, modular platform.

What can you expect from Graydon Onboarding? 

Graydon Onboarding is an automated solutions that incorporates the UK’s first and only B2B fraud prevention consortium, powered by an exclusive partnership with TruNarrative - (now Part of LexisNexis Risk Solutions_ - internationally renowned for its fraud, identity verification, KYC checks and Anti-Money Laundering verification expertise.

Graydon Onboarding delivers the complete automated solution that can adapt to your requirements and as your needs change.

  • Design your entire onboarding journey through a user-friendly platform. You can create, view or change procedures, rulesets and scorecards at any time.
  • Define the scenarios in which you want to refer cases for another manual final check.
  • Speed in the decision-making of a customer acceptance process also leads to higher customer satisfaction.
  • Combine credit, risk and fraud modules as you need. You can use Graydon’s extensive database of commercial analytics and insights, as well as or any of your external suppliers’ data to better assess fraud and risks – third-party data suppliers can be easily integrated to the solution in a simple drag and drop. No need for your IT department to be involved. .
  • Integrate and automate your customer acceptance onboarding processes across multiple teams, locations, and data sources to implement a unified approach across your business.

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How Graydon Onboarding can help you

The customer and supplier onboarding process starts with the assessment of new companies you want to do business with. Are they who they say they are? Could they be potentially fraudulent? Are you dealing with a sanctioned party? Are they creditworthy?

Graydon Onboarding allows you to combine these three checks in one tool.

  • You set up the various processes, known as journeys, yourself via a user-friendly platform. The entire onboarding process is then automated.
  • You no longer have to worry about integrating or logging into several different IT systems. The time-consuming manual check of new prospects is significantly reduced.
  • The fast and seamless acceptance process results in an improved customer satisfaction.

Request your personal demo

We want to give you a chance to see for yourself how our credit reports can help you. This is what you may expect from a personal demonstration:

  • A personal tour of the platform with one of our specialists
  • An analysis of your needs and advice tailored to your company
  • Insights into your sector, so that you can detect opportunities and risks
  • A clarification of our working method, guidance, and service
  • A presentation of how complex decisioning and automation can give you time back within the business. While an onboarding process could typically take from a day to a week and keep busy multiple people and departments, Graydon’s solution can automate this process in 1 click.

What our customers are saying

Our client portfolio includes large and small companies, government agencies and associations in the most diverse sectors. And yet they have a lot in common. They want to be inspired and all demand the highest level of quality, knowledge, expertise and practical support. We are proud that, as a true partner, we enjoy the trust of our customers and that we can participate in their strategic future plans.