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Credit Risk for Dummies

Minimise credit risk to make the right decisions
Understanding Credit Risk for Dummies

What does it take to become a modern-day credit manager? Take action against the increasing problem of fraud by learning how to safeguard your business and minimise credit risk. Trade with confidence and make informed decisions about the companies you choose to do business with.

Learn how to become a valuable asset to your business by taking a holistic approach to credit risk and looking beyond a company’s annual report.

Learn to be a savvy credit manager by:

  • Taking a holistic approach to credit risk that values your gut feeling as well as a diligent review of a company’s annual report.
  • Being aware of the potential risks and pitfalls you may encounter
  • Learning to read between the lines of an annual report to gain a more comprehensive view of a company’s financial status.
  • Playing nice with the sales department, gaining their trust and esteem so you can provide valuable input about the credit risk associated with a potential customer long before the ink is dry on the contract
  • Staying abreast of what’s going on with your customers and the marketplace.

Sound like a lot of information to digest at one time? Relax. We’ve packed this small book with the basics in an easily understood format that will give you the head start you need.​