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Make credit decisions quickly and avoid late payment

If you want your company to grow, you’ll need to evaluate risks and opportunities constantly. Is it safe to extend credit to your clients, suppliers or prospects? And if it is safe today, will that still be the case tomorrow? It is therefore important that you are well informed, so that you can take the best decisions in the interest of your company. Fortunately, there is plenty of business data available to assist you.

What can you expect?

If you want to grow your business, you must constantly weigh risks and opportunities. It is important that you are well informed so that you can quickly make the best business decisions in the interest of your company. A Graydon Credit Report contains a lot of data and financial analyses of a company. All this information together gives you an overall picture of a company, an association or a self-employed person:

  • Summary
  • Company profile
  • Scores
  • Financials
  • Payment behaviour
  • Company structure
  • Exceptional events

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How Graydon Credit Reports can help you

    Credit reports are used to correctly estimate the risk of non-payment and to identify growth opportunities. 

    In a Graydon Credit Report, you’ll always find all the available company data, scores, and insights. This way you quickly obtain a comprehensive and nuanced view of the financial situation of your customer or supplier in order to take the right decisions. Both in terms of risk and growth potential.

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    We want to give you a chance to see for yourself how our credit reports can help you. This is what you may expect from a personal demonstration:

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    • Insights into your sector, so that you can detect opportunities and risks
    • An explanation of the most important scores and their value for your company: the credit advice, the payment behaviour, the Graydon score, the growth score, probability of default, ...
    • A clarification of our working method, guidance and service

    What our customers are saying

    Our client portfolio includes large and small companies, government agencies and associations in the most diverse sectors. And yet they have a lot in common. They want to be inspired and all demand the highest level of quality, knowledge, expertise and practical support. We are proud that, as a true partner, we enjoy the trust of our customers and that we can participate in their strategic future plans.