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Graydon Onboarding

Client onboarding for regulated sectors

Remove silos from your business and reap the rewards


Graydon Onboarding combines three customer onboarding processes: Credit, Compliance checks (KYC and AML) and Fraud into a single user-friendly, modular platform for client onboarding.


Each element delivers a state-of-the-art solution that, when combined, drives a system even more powerful than the sum of its parts:

  • Unify into one platform, performing multiple customer onboarding processes simultaneously.
  • Define a new smoother and more visible onboarding process built specifically for your needs.
  • Reduce onboarding decision timeframes to seconds.
  • Combine the Credit, Compliance and Fraud modules according to your needs.
  • Integrate across multiple teams, locations, processes and data sources.
  • Customise on-the-fly scorecards to suit customer need.
  • Unite multiple data sources from existing or new suppliers.
  • Eradicate IT integration time lags.
  • Operate time and team efficiencies that were previously unattainable.


Ground-Breaking Functionality

Graydon Onboarding incorporates the UK’s first and only B2B fraud prevention consortium, powered by an exclusive partnership with TruNarrative - internationally renowned for its fraud, identity verification, KYC checks and Anti-Money Laundering verification expertise.

Combined with Graydon’s extensive database of commercial analytics and insights, Graydon Onboarding delivers the complete solution that can adapt to your requirements and as your needs change.

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