Graydon is awarded 27001 Certificate

Graydon UK has been awarded the ISO 27001 Certificate. The certificates strengthen Graydon’s reputation as a reliable business partner and pave the way for new commercial opportunities.

ISO creates standards for businesses and ensures that their products and services comply with sectoral norms. Businesses are assessed through audits, which determines whether a business deserves to be awarded an ISO certificate or not.

ISO27001 is a standard for risk management pertaining to information storage that enjoys worldwide recognition. By having the ISO27001 certificate, Graydon shows its clients and other stakeholders that it ensures the security of information.

Why is this important?

If a company is permitted to use the ISO label, it means it meets all requirements pertaining to privacy, data management, IT risk management, and general compliance.

Graydon CEO, Gertjan Kampman:

“We are proud. As a business intelligence provider, we continue to innovate, so that our customers get the best business solutions in every possible way. The certification confirms this. For us, it is the icing on the cake that the external auditor has officially established the quality of our processes.”