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Graydon annual report 2019

We hereby present to you, the Graydon Annual Report. In this report, we provide an explanation of the results and the developments in our organisation.

In 2019, Graydon got back on the road towards growth. We have taken several important steps towards this, as reflected in the business results. Graydon is in the final stages of an ambitious transition, which the company initiated several years ago. The investments in technology to make that transition and the expertise of our people, are now proving their value through a positive operational result.

As part of this, 2019 saw us launch our renewed Credit Management solutions on the Insights platform and via APIs, through partnerships we also developed various new analyses, scores, and solutions. Step by step, we are transferring all our clients to our new platform and offering more and more integration of our solutions with our customers’ own. In the Risk & Compliance domain Graydon is also expanding on the services it provides, with solutions like Graydon Onboarding & Detect.

Graydon develops solutions, analyses, and scores that make a real difference in the day-to-day decision-making process of a company. Both in terms of anticipating risks and identifying commercial opportunities. All of which is only possible thanks to accurate, reliable information and the engagement and expertise of our people. We are determined to continue utilising that valuable business information to assist in the continued growth of our clients throughout 2020.

Kind regards,

Caroline Schouten
CFO Graydon

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