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Financial position of the corporate sector strengthened by strategic credit management

Graydon’s enhanced credit management solutions strengthen businesses’ financial positions

London, 20th May 2019 - Strategic credit management is essential to further strengthening the financial position of the UK business community. Predictive, data-driven credit insights enables companies to monitor and continue improving their financial position. That's why today, Graydon, leading provider of business data, insights, analytics and solutions is launching three new credit management solutions: Graydon Credit Reports, the Graydon Monitoring Tool and Graydon Ledger Management.

Artificial intelligence and data analytics are indispensable parts of credit management today. The data that organisations use to make their decisions in 2019, is becoming increasingly rich and predictive. For example, predictive insights into the likelihood of a business growing, the likelihood of bankruptcy, or a company's payment behaviour are now commonplace. With these insights, companies can quickly identify opportunities and risks and manage and strengthen their cash flow.

"It is important for companies to think more strategically about their credit management function.  The recent launch of our Onboarding and Detect solutions coupled with our new enhanced credit management solutions means that Graydon are ideally placed to help them achieve this" says Simon Blackwell, Managing Director at Graydon UK.

"With the arrival of our new credit management solutions, we are taking another step in our objective to help companies grow. Customers can now find data and insights even faster and easier, monitor business relationships, and get a better handle on outstanding invoices. Our credit management solutions have also been enhanced with several new and unique scores that offer stronger, more innovative insights," says Gertjan Kampman, CEO of Graydon. "That means that credit management can be used more and more strategically, for things like decision-making around new customer acceptance policies, determining marketing strategy, and keeping an eye on your organisation's liquidity."

About the new Graydon credit management solutions

The three updated credit management solutions are available on Graydon Insights, the intuitive customer portal where Graydon previously launched its Graydon Decision Model for customer acceptance and Graydon Market Information. This portal has now been further expanded to include:

  • Graydon Credit Reports: the newly designed and intuitive credit reports provide insight into not only financial information and ratings but also payment behaviour, corporate structure, and exceptional events, as well. The most important figures and insights are collected in a single clear overview, which enables the customers to make even faster decisions. The credit reports have also been enhanced with new functionalities and insights, including the Expected Growth, the Graydon Rating, Probability of Discontinuation,  and other financial scores. The Growth Forecast provides a forecast of expected growth in a company's total assets over the next 12 months. All of this information helps companies understand their risks and opportunities for growth, based on forecasts for their main customers and/or suppliers.
  • Graydon Monitoring Tool: allows companies to continuously and automatically monitor their customers and other business relationships so they can respond quickly to changes in those companies' financial situation. Every change, for example a change in the credit limit, is recorded and companies can determine the frequency and type of alert, tailored to their needs. The Graydon Monitoring Tool enables companies to reduce risk on the one hand and respond quickly to positive financial developments on the other, allowing them to take advantage of additional revenue opportunities.
  • Graydon Ledger Management: allows companies to combine their own financial data on outstanding invoices with Graydon credit information. Companies can gain at-a-glance insight into their customers' payment behaviour as well as risks and opportunities. This helps them focus on the highest risks and greatest opportunities. For example, if a customer has a high risk, a company may decide to supply fewer products or services or adjust the payment terms.

Continuous innovation

Simon Blackwell, Managing Director at Graydon UK: "We are constantly working on new innovations to exceed our customers' expectations, developing them for and in close collaboration with our customers. It means we can continue adding new functionalities, scores and data elements to our updated credit management solutions. This information and these scores are not only available via the Graydon Insights platform, but also through API integration, allowing companies to seamlessly integrate business information into their own CRM or in-house systems."

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