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Preventing corporate fraud

We've provided you with a guide on how to safeguard your business from corporate fraud
Corporate Fraud Infographic

You might be interested to know that Fraud cost the UK economy an estimated £52 billion in 2013 (based on a National Fraud Authority study). Recent analysis from Graydon shows that one in every 635 companies nationally displayed signs of fraudulent behaviour, which equates to circa 4,200 companies in the UK. Corporate fraud is very often disguised within seemingly harmless business activities, such as invoices from a supplier, applications for credit, or a simple email from a fraudster pretending to be a trusted client.

As part of this analysis, we created an infographic covering:

  • 6 common types of corporate fraud
  • Top 5 fraudulent activity by region (2013)
  • Key statistics from the Graydon UK Fraud Map
  • Latest trends in Corporate Fraud
  • Basic checks for fraud prevention