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Are you ready for GDPR?

The clock is ticking – here is our guide to the steps you need to take to be ready on 25th May 2018

With the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) only months away, there are questions about what the steps to prepare for this important regulation are.

In a digital world constantly exchanging information, controlling personal data has become a priority. However daunting the regulation may seem, the approach to GDPR for individuals and businesses will strengthen your rights and ability to control what to share, and who to share it with.

Get prepared – Download your copy of our infographic

We have prepared this infographic to help you understand what the GDPR is, who in your business is concerned by the application of this law and how to identify the points to focus on to get compliant.

This infographic covers:

  • What is GDPR
  • Who and which departments are concerned
  • Why GDPR
  • Reporting data breach

To download your copy of the infographic, simply complete the form to the right.