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Graydon opinion: Modern Day Fraud On the Rise

Stay vigilant as fraud is on the rise
Graydon opinion: Modern Day Fraud On the Rise

Fraud is more common than ever, consumers and companies increasingly face potential attacks. The frequency of fraud incidents has increased both in terms of the number of events but also in the amount of money it costs the victims. Big and smaller companies are equally subject to attack, and the more we are aware of the common fraud tactics, the more effectively we can protect our business interests.

Download the opinion piece and find out:

  • What are the most common types of fraud
  • How companies can be protected

Alan Norton, head of intelligence at Graydon UK, provides his thoughts on how fraud is affecting UK businesses with alarming statistics on the growing number of cases of corporate fraud. Alan highlights what the most common types of corporate fraud affecting companies are and highlights measures for companies to protect themselves.