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Webinar: ‘How to avoid bad debt and maximize profit’

Learn more about modern credit management
Webinar: ‘How to avoid bad debt and maximize profit’

As a credit controller or manager you face the trouble of non-paying customers every day. How can you setup a good credit management process that supports the business, but also keeps the credit risk as low as possible? How can you deal with sales and how can you spot frauds? Authors of the eBook Credit Risk for Dummies and experts in the field, Philip King and Colin Sanders, will guide you step by step with their best practices.

View the webinar and learn:

  1. How to analyse your (potential) customer throughout the life cycle
  2. How to set credit checks that will grow your business
  3. How to handle sales pressure and stick to the facts
  4. How to spot and prevent fraud
  5. How to think outside of the box, beyond credit information