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Customer Scoring: The simplest way to improving profitability

Categorise your customers and prospects and discover new opportunities
Customer Scoring

Could you list your most profitable customers off the top of your head? How about your most resourceintense customers? The answer is relatively simple and is not directly connected with the turnover these customers generate for you.

Customer scoring enables you to instantly get an efficient overview of all your customers; clearly subdivided into distinct categories, from major buyers who pay promptly to small companies who regularly pay late. This classification is sometimes
referred to as debtor matrix or risk profiles. But customer scoring should above all be a positive exercise. It will help you to take the right measures depending on the category to which the customer belongs to.

Converting risks into opportunities … that’s what it’s all about.

Customer scoring goes well beyond conventional measurement methods. Using the right processes and actions, you will ensure greater customer satisfaction in every classification. For instance, you can grant the customers in your top segment additional discounts and thus generate a higher turnover. You should also bear in mind that through customer scoring you can tailor your processes to actual needs. After all, each customer deserves a tailored approach.

In this ePaper, we highlight the advantages for every company. We also provide a specific step-by-step plan to enable you to swiftly implement customer scoring in your organisation.