Graydon has long been associated with the provision of information to highlight potential corporate fraud. In specialising in this area we go significantly further than competitors who deal just with the narrower topic of trade credit. Indeed it is our belief that a large proportion or corporate fraud is written off as bad debt, a function owned by credit managers rather than specialist fraud experts. High volumes of corporate fraud are therefore not properly classified leading to general underestimates of the size of the problem and a lack of expertise in some companies who may be victims.

Graydon has two main lines of activity in this area:

Graydon Intelligence Networks 

Graydon runs a number of Intelligence Networks, comprising Credit and Fraud Managers from companies in those industries which are most susceptible to fraud. The individuals within each network share experiences to help one another avoid falling victim to fraud.

Modelling of Fraudulent Companies

Over many years Graydon has analysed the behaviour of companies that are known to have committed corporate fraud. This means that we have identified patterns in the way such companies incorporate and record changes at Companies House. This expertise allows us to spot such suspicious behaviour when it happens and issue appropriate warnings.

The data from both Intelligence Networks and Suspicious filings is available through the Xseption service in Graydon reports. This can be accessed through our range of Creditline reports or via API.

In addition the Graydon team of corporate fraud specialists are there to carry out bespoke, offline investigations.


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