Graydon Data integration API's

Company profile API

The most recent company data in your trusted systems at any time.

Want to integrate up-to-date company data and tried and tested scores into any application you work with on a daily basis? Then use APIs to quickly create a direct link with the unique Graydon database for a hassle-free way to add value to your trusted, internal systems.

Integrate up-to-date company information directly into your trusted, internal systems to prevent errors and duplicate records in your CRM system. Correct data ensures seamless collaboration between different departments within your company and is an indispensable source of information for sales and marketing.

7 solid reasons for integrating APIs

  • Relevant information added directly into your trusted, internal environment
  • Complete and always up to date
  • Quick and user friendly
  • Less chance for errors
  • Controlled data quantity
  • Advanced technology
  • Simple installation     


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What is an API?

An Application Programming Interface, or API, forms the link between different systems, databases, and devices. It acts, if you will, like a transmitter, receiver, and translator of messages. The API sends data from one place to another and enables communication between software. However, the year of the API (2017, according to Forbes) is now some time behind us. So, APIs are not exactly new, but the extent to which they are being used has most certainly exploded and is still expanding. The question, therefore, is not so much whether you should follow this technology, but rather when you’ll start doing so.

Graydon’s APIs

Graydon has an enormous database of company information and predictive scores at its disposal. All data can be unlocked in your own systems via APIs. Once linked, all departments within your company get direct access to the most recent data. In short, using Graydon’s APIs, you can quickly and conveniently integrate company data into the systems and the applications you’ve come to trust and rely on.

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What our customers are saying

Our client portfolio includes large and small companies, government agencies and associations in the most diverse sectors. And yet they have a lot in common. They want to be inspired and all demand the highest level of quality, knowledge, expertise and practical support. We are proud that, as a true partner, we enjoy the trust of our customers and that we can participate in their strategic future plans.