Portfolio Management

Manage a financially healthy business portfolio

Get full insights into the financial positioning of your business partners and credit worthiness of your customers in one place. Quickly recognise the amount of credit you can safely allow to clients on your ledger.

Dive deeper into sub-ledgers

Look further into the detail of your entire portfolio by splitting it into sub-ledgers. Gauge the risk and performance across segments such as internal divisions, sales territory or even product category.

Up-to-the-minute credit report information

Stay up-to-date with dynamically updated records. Make swift decisions and examine critical events from live credit data intelligence.

Spot opportunities and potential threats

Draw intelligence from our monthly credit guide to instantly identify less risky customers with good financial strength where you can advance more credit. Furthermore, know in advance when a customer is likely to become a ‘payment’ problem.

Key prospect and competitor tracking

Keep a watchful eye on your prospects and competitors. Identify, at a glance, if there’s a change you ought to be reacting to.