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Data integration with our Company Information API

Combine Graydon Company Information API with your data.
Integrate data using our Company Information API

Effectively sourcing and manipulating Big Data for clear insight can be a challenge for businesses of every size. With Big Data come enormous possibilities. Integrate existing data with company information to create bespoke applications to power your single data strategy. The Graydon API enables our clients to refine their searches by using our credit and business information to power their single data strategy.

  • Seamless integration of data: Enrich your current systems by integrating Graydon company data and information. Our API enables you to integrate our industry-leading tools with your own products and applications.
  • Embed data intelligence into core business functions: Incorporate a data-driven platform across all core business functions such as Sales and Marketing, Governance and Compliance, HR, Finance and Operations. Exploit company data to make informed business decisions and reinforce your due diligence.
  • Real time credit and financial intelligence: Dynamically updated records keep you up-to-date and enable you to make swift decisions and examine critical events from live financial data intelligence.
  • Detect, negotiate and win the best deals for your business: Spot opportunities to win more business by monitoring and analysing key company information. Segment, target and optimise your data with real-time company updates.
  • Flexible testing environment: Our interactive documentation makes it easy for you to define and test your applications’ access to Graydon’s data through our API.