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One third of all invoices are paid late or not at all which has a direct impact on your profit margin. Solutions are available to correctly estimate the risk of non-payment, or to detect growth opportunities.

Why not use them?

Business information is extremely beneficial for correctly assessing the financial situation and the growth potential of a business relationship. It is much broader than a simple credit check and helps you and your finance department assess potential payment risks. Company information also gives you insights into the growth  potential of your business partner.

Fundamental Insights

To grow your business, you are constantly weighing risks and opportunities, so it is important that you are well-informed to quickly make the best business decisions. Fortunately, there is data available that can assist you.

Plus, your marketing and sales departments can also gain from the company information: they would know what pricing or discount terms to apply depending on whether a company has growth potential for upsell opportunities or future contract renewals.

Example of our interactive, revamped credit report:


Access & delivery

All the data, score and insights are available via the online platform Graydon Insights or can be integrated directly into your trusted, in-house systems and applications thanks to REST APIs. All the technical information about Graydon’s APIs,  are available for your developers on