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Receive a Complimentary Company Check

Choose to do business with the right companies
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With millions lost in unpaid debts, safeguard your business by choosing the right companies to work with. By undertaking a complimentary company credit check (worth £325) on a UK company of your choice, you'll be able to ensure whether the company is credit worthy to fulfil its payment obligations and adhere to prompt payment.

Our complimentary company credit check (worth £325) will help you to get a quick, valuable insight into a potential or existing client. This simple scoring methodology will allow you to take the first step to improve your cash flow, mitigate supply chain risk and build a safe and secure relationship with existing or prospective customers. 
To ensure you only deal with clients who have a sound working capital and low risk of insolvency, this simple validation procedure will enable you to anticipate issues before they happen.

Ensure that you stay clear of bad debt and only deal with companies that are creditworthy. 

Our complimentary UK company credit check will enable you to:

  • Identify and establish who you're trading with.
  • Receive a quick overview of the potential risk of payment fulfilment.
  • Plan ahead to avoid late payment and possibly bad debt.
  • Have a clear assessment of a company's creditworthiness.
  • Gain insight into the company's directors.

Why use our credit reports?

  • Dashboard design: All of our reports provide you with an engaging snapshot of a company's credit score and risk.
  • Credit scoring and limits: The Graydon score uses over 2,000 characteristics to determine a company's credit score with a monthly credit guide provided.
  • Xseption: Unusual patterns of behaviour or financial results are flagged up in advance. These early warnings based on suspicious activity including CCJ's.
  • Director Information: Full company director information provided including history of all previous appointments.
  • Operational Information: Find out the number of staff employed and NACE/SIC codes.
  • Payment Behaviour: Gain insight into the payment behaviour of a company to assess their likelihood of becoming a payment problem.
  • 5-year financials: Review company financial information over the past 5 years including turnover, profit and loss.