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Credit check an individual

Teaming up with Callcredit Information Group, we bring you the most comprehensive consumer credit check.
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As identity theft continues to be a worrying factor for most people, running a background check on individuals allows you to dive deeper into their circumstances to determine their credibility based on who they claim to be. An increasing number of companies are implementing a screening process during the recruitment phase. Similarly, personal lending firms all conduct background checks.

So if there's an individual you wish to check, tap into the most comprehensive consumer credit report and receive their full credit history.

  • Consumer credit information from Callcredit: Graydon has teamed up with Callcredit Information Group to provide you with accurate and quality consumer data.
  • Applicant information: Full details of applicant information including name and home address.
  • Payment history: The consumer credit report shows the full history of all credit commitments including bank accounts, loans, credit cards and mortgages.
  • Flagged CCJs: All records of County Court Judgements are flagged up.
  • Credit risk scores: The Gauge score provides a reliable assessment of an applicant's associated credit risk.