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Check a UK company through a business credit report

With the right checks, make informed decisions about your customers.
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Knowing your Customers (KYC) and making sound judgements on the types you wish to do business with is critical to your success. More importantly, the information that Graydon provides on your prospects and customers keeps you in control.

Our UK Business Credit Reports will help you make more informed decisions about extending credit to a company.

They will allow you to make a calculated credit risk so you know your business territory as well as possible. Get insights into payment behaviour and recommended credit limits to avoid late payments and bad debt.

By gaining a clear view of the financial health of all your prospects and customers, we'll help you to form the fundamental building blocks of your risk management strategy.

  • Dashboard design: Our reports provide you with an engaging snapshot of a company's credit score and risk.
  • Credit scoring and limits: The Graydon score uses over 2,000 characteristics to determine a company's credit score and provide a monthly credit guide.
  • Xseption: Unusual patterns of behaviour or financial results are flagged up in advance. These early warnings are based on suspicious activity, including CCJs.
  • Director information: Full company director information is provided, including a history of all previous appointments.
  • Operational information: Find out how many staff are employed and NACE/SIC codes.
  • Payment behaviour: Gain insight into the payment behaviour of a company to assess its likelihood of becoming a payment problem.
  • 5 year financials: Review company financial information over the past five years including turnover, profit and loss.

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