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Predictive credit scoring analytics to minimise credit risk

Make the right credit decisions by knowing the likelihood of financial risks of your company
Predictive credit scoring analytics to mitigate credit risk; augur scoring

A good payee today does not mean a good payee tomorrow. With an ever fluctuating environment influencing companies, payment behaviour and exposure to risk may change over time. Predicting the prospect of business risk and likelihood of financial stress over a 12-month period enables companies to make informed credit decisions and adjust credit limits based on the intelligence provided.

Designed for all types of businesses, Augur can help you improve decision-making across the entire credit life-cycle – from granting new credit, monitoring and managing existing accounts, conducting portfolio health-checks and improving debt management.

  • Make informed decisions: Scores range from 0-600 which give you the level of detail and granularity required for making key business decisions.
  • Detailed characteristics: Over 2,000 characteristics are used to create the Augur score for both incorporated and unincorporated UK businesses.
  • Looking into the future: Augur predicts the likelihood of financial stress within a 12-month period for incorporated entities.
  • Unincorporated businesses: For unincorporated businesses, Augur predicts the likelihood of payment delinquency and/or negative public information within a 12-month period.
  • Automated acceptance/rejection thresholds: Automatic ‘Accept’ and ‘Reject’ thresholds can be aligned with your risk profile allowing resources to be concentrated in key ‘Review’ areas, thus helping to maximise sales and manage risk more efficiently.