Graydon Decision Model

Uniform assessment of all your business associations

Thanks to our Decision Model, the analysis of your business will not require an expert eye. It also eliminates the possibility of subjective judgement when conducting an analysis.

Constantly improving customer acceptance

No more single and static model.

Being able to create multiple models enables you to build an acceptance policy with any kind of sector or business type in mind.

Fast and efficient acceptance policy

Nowadays, every customer expects assistance as quickly as possible. It is no longer acceptable to spend hours (or even days) on accommodating customer and their needs, therefore making a positive first impression is the first step in making to making your customer a happy customer.

Business Credit Report

Make accurate credit decisions

Receive credit ratings and limits for existing and new customers in a detailed business credit report. Make credit decisions quickly and without hassle.

Avoid risks of late payment

Get paid on time and avoid the hassle of late payment. Early warning flags enable you to avoid late payers and pursue bad debt threats.

Improve DSO

Reduce your DSO through credit insights which help you identify late payers. Cash-inject your business by improving your cash flow through intelligent credit decision-making.

Spot opportunities

Take advantage of good ‘payees and credit ratings’ to improve credit terms and encourage new business opportunities. 

Consumer Credit Report

Protection against identity fraud

Ensure your due diligence in your organisation by using consumer credit checks to ensure the people you recruit are who they claim to be.

Personal lending with confidence

Safeguard personal lending and avoid late payment. Minimise the threat of non-payment by conducting individual consumer checks to assess an individual’s payment credit history and likelihood of full repayment.

Consumer data from leading industry expert

Get comprehensive consumer information from our strong partnership with Callcredit Information Group. Our partnership ensures that we equip you with the best business and consumer information to take your data strategy forward.

International Credit Reports

Sourcing local knowledge

Our global network of local data providers ensures that the most accurate and up-to-date information is always provided. Our International Credit Reports will help you transform your due diligence process. 

Delivering worldwide coverage

Minimise your international business risk with detailed surveillance of businesses in over 190 countries. Choose to receive instant international reports online or to trigger fresh investigations by our team of experts.

Support through International Credit Analysts

Get support from a dedicated team of multilingual credit experts who possess a vast pool of knowledge. Cut through the data blizzard to trade abroad with confidence.

Quick and reliable response time

Make informed decisions about your international business relationships. Our timely delivery of international company data allows you to act quickly and without hassle.

Augur Scoring

Predict the likelihood of business failure

Proactively monitor your customers using predictive analytics to identify the chances of business failure over a 12-month period. Developed in partnership with industry leaders FICO, the Augur Scoring framework future-proofs your business.

Benchmark against industry standards

Compare and benchmark credit scoring across industry standards. Make informed credit decisions based on pre-defined parameters to avoid risk and qualify new applicants for credit.

Automate your credit decisioning

Rely on accurate automated credit decisioning across the entire credit life-cycle, from granting new credit to monitoring and managing existing accounts. Accept and reject credit applicants based on intelligent data.

Director Report

Identify the people behind the business

Get extensive information on any UK company director. Graydon’s database of company directors includes employment and trading history, revealing any failed businesses in the past.

Add a level of due diligence

Improve your KYC policies by adding an extra layer of security to your company checks. Predict future behaviour by knowing the company through its people.

Choose the right business partner

Minimise the threat of corporate fraud through detailed director information. Our team of intelligence analysts ensure that any association with corporate fraud is flagged.