Graydon Detect

Combatting fraud is one of the toughest challenges faced by organisations today. Estimated to have cost UK businesses a staggering £125bn in 2017 (up 43% since 2008), fraud can only be prevented by building bigger walls and deploying ever more sophisticated intelligence capabilities.

What it does:

Graydon Detect provides the highest possible fraud firewall by delivering an online fraud and financial crime detection solution, powered by the UK’s first and only B2B anti-fraud consortium.

  • Accelerate your reaction time to new and emerging fraud threats.
  • Detect fraud earlier through the verification of application details.
  • Reduce bad debt through the reduction of first payment default.
  • Increase accuracy through a consortium approach.
  • Provide deeper insights and granular detail than any stand-alone fraud detection methodology.
  • Reduce false positives through machine-learning.
  • Eradicate any operational weaknesses created by ‘siloed’ approaches.
  • Customise fraud scorecard rules to suit your specific needs.
  • Combine the data sources from existing or new suppliers that you require.
  • Eliminate IT integration time lags.
  • Operate time and team efficiencies that were previously unattainable.


Ground-Breaking Functionality

Graydon Detect incorporates the UK’s first and only B2B fraud prevention consortium, powered by an exclusive partnership with TruNarrative - internationally renowned for its data science and technology teams.

Combined with the predictive capabilities of Graydon’s data, Graydon Detect exposes, prevents and combats fraud by providing consortium members with accurate, real-time, insights. What’s more, it draws upon Graydon’s deep domain expertise in high-risk industry sectors including financial services, insurance, IT, petroleum and construction.