Trade Acceptance Group

Find out how we helped Trade Acceptance Group

          "Graydon’s number one goal seems to be keeping the client happy, not just satisfied."
           Curt Hanson, Principal, Trade Acceptance Group


Three years ago the Trade Acceptance Group began experiencing problems with delivery, report quality and pricing with their previous provider. As a result they contacted Graydon who put together an attractive package. After two years experience of working with Graydon the Trade Acceptance Group increased their contract by 33 per cent. 

How Graydon helped

“Graydon is extremely responsive to our needs and any concerns that we may have with reports. The people are consistent high performers.”

Graydon provides customer service as well as credit information benefitting the clients and giving them additional support. “Everyone at Graydon seems intent on consistently delivering high quality service. We are a service business so we sincerely appreciate that attitude and approach to doing business.”

Measurable results

The Trade Acceptance Group can now provide their clients with credit reports safe in the knowledge that they will be up to date and meet delivery requirements. In addition they know that should any problems arise they can contact Graydon and ensure they are resolved swiftly. 


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