QMH Hotels

Find out how we helped QMH Hotels

         "No other provider comes close to Graydon on service or cost"
          Katherine Bailey, Credit Manager, QMH Hotels


Prior to using Graydon’s services QMH Hotel used a manual credit system with no risk monitoring activities, the process was long-winded and didn’t provide adequate protection. By choosing seePatrol the QMH Hotel’s credit control process is now more efficient and kept up to date. 

How Graydon helped

“Using Graydon has definitely been a massive improvement to the credit control process. Risk assessments are now done on a daily basis enabling us to spot issues beforehand.” In addition, QMH Hotels is part of the Hotel Sector Intelligence Network giving them an opportunity to get together with competitors to discuss best practice and potential risks.

The customer service aspect at Graydon has also benefitted QMH Hotels. “We have a very good client manager, she keeps us up to date and is available on the phone if ever needed.” 

Measurable results

QMH Hotel now actively monitors their supply chain to assess and reduce risk. ePatrol allows them to access up-to-date information daily. Furthermore the Hotel Sector Intelligence Network gives QMH Hotels the opportunity to meet up with industry competitors quarterly. 


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