Marriott Hotels

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           "Our bad debt losses since we have been using Graydon have been very low"
            Paul Bowers, Group Credit Controller, Marriott Hotels


The added benefits of the Hotel Sector Intelligence Network appealed to Marriott Hotels as a result they chose Graydon as their supplier. “In my view, the overall package from Graydon in terms of supplying credit information was superior.”

How Graydon helped

“Graydon provides reports that are easy to comprehend and provide accurate credit limits to enable sound commercial decisions. Our bad debt losses since we have been using Graydon have consequently been very low.” Unlike some credit report agencies Graydon provides real time information giving businesses a chance to act swiftly and minimise risk.

In addition Marriott Hotels are part of the Hotel Sector Intelligence Network giving them an opportunity to discuss potential issues with competitors. “The Hotel Sector Intelligence Network enables us to work through billing issues, get advance warning of customers that may potentially pose a credit risk and get updates of the risks inherent in dealing with various sectors within the leisure industry.”

Measurable results

Marriott Hotels now receives real time information enabling them to proactively monitor their supply chain and reduce bad debt. Furthermore the business benefits from quarterly meetings with industry competitors as part of the Hotel Sector Intelligence Network. 


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