Fuel Card Services

Find out how we helped Fuel Card Services

          "The most valuable aspect of the credit reports is having the annual accounts for four years- it              gives you the whole picture."
           Lyn Bibby, Credit Manager, Fuel Card Services


“We previously used other credit insurers, the main improvement has been having a dedicated account manager. Any issues are dealt with quickly, if not immediately. It makes the services much faster and more efficent.”


How Graydon helped

Fuel Card Services use the information provided by Graydon in their day-to-day activities in order to make informed decisions on both new applications and existing clients. The real time information allows the business to reduce risk. “The most valuable aspect of the credit reports is having the annual accounts for four years- it gives you the whole picture. We also receive management messages through ePatrol on a daily basis, giving us both good and adverse credit information. Before we would receive this information but it could be months out of date. Graydon are also very commercially minded and take this approach when identifying credit risk on reviewing a business”

Fuel Card Services are also part of Graydon’s Petroleum Intelligence Network. The service is specifically designed for the sector and includes thorough credit checks to produce credit files that help protect members against the risk of bad debt and prevent commercial fraud and slow payments.

“The intelligence network benefits us as we can share information between other fuel businesses. This means we know when things have improved or become adverse within a company. The network allows us to have the most up to date information.”

Measurable results

Fuel Card Services now has a dedicated account manager to resolve any problems or answer queries when the business needs it. Having this point of contact allows the business to get answers quickly and operate more efficiently. The services rendered enable Fuel Card Services to make credit decisions based on the latest information.


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