Colt International Ltd

Find out how we helped Colt International Ltd

        "Graydon allows us to provide a quick turn around to our customer"
         Michelle Muller, Credit Specialist, Colt International Limited


Colt International were looking for a service that would provide customer reports on request in order for them to quickly assess customer terms. “We are very satisfied with the immediate delivery of our requests.”

How Graydon helped

“Graydon allows us to provide a quick turn around to our customer for terms we will extend due to the fact the credit information is delivered to us upon request of the report.”

The accurate and immediate delivery of the reports benefits Colt International as they can make reliable decisions based on the information quickly. 

Measurable results

Colt International now receives credit reports upon request enabling them to work quickly and effectively with customers. The up to date and accurate credit information enables the company to make informed credit decisions and reduce the risk of late payments and bad debt. 


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