Written by Will Aitkenhead
Posted on 21/10/2014

Why quality control is important when establishing your brand identity

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Creating an identity is one of the first steps you need to take when promoting your brand through each area of the business. Companies that successfully achieve this in their business plan will gain a significant advantage on their rivals. 


Customers need to understand that they will be getting a brand they can trust as well as competitive products that will be provided with great customer service. Achieving this is not always easy to do though.

Jo Sabin, the marketing manager at, an online marketplace who provides logo, website, print and graphic design services by crowdsourcing, has spoken recently about how to be successful in establishing a brand identity that stands out.

All pointing in the same direction

Sabin has highlighted the importance of cohesiveness across all products and services, pointing to the Virgin Group as a perfect example.

She said: “Branding your own business from the start with dedication and consistency is necessary, whether you’re starting up and establishing your market presence or expanding your business into new product areas.

“As soon as you choose to market an idea, investing time into your branding plans and strategies is critical. Starting your branding journey early means that it can evolve simultaneously with your business and product.”

Quality control measures

Using consistent branding is also hugely important. If you think about some of the biggest companies in the world, Google and Coca Cola for example, wherever you go, the branding is always the same. The iconic red colours and the font of the Coca Cola brand remain prevalent even when they adapt the brand slightly, ensuring reputation management is maintained. 

By introducing proper quality control and quality standards you must have somebody in charge of these to ensure that brand consistency can be achieved. By appointing a ‘brand guardian’ to ensure that nothing goes out to the public without their approval, you ensure that everything is pointing in the same direction.


Crowdsourcing and freelance platforms like DesignCrowd have made it easier and more affordable for businesses to have graphic design work done. As a result, start-ups and growing companies that don’t have the budget to work with specific design companies can still get high quality work for their brand.


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