Written by Adnan Essa
Posted on 24/02/2015

Week 8: Weekly Blog Recap

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Will the construction industry lead the way in late payment reform?

Late payments can be crippling for SMEs, but the construction industry is fighting back. Can they lead the way for business-wide reform?.

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The history of credit reporting

In the last 150 years, the nature of commerce has changed monumentally. Consumerism and migration meant a wider pool of customers but more risk, and lending credit became more fraught for merchants.

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Ring the alarm, your supplier is in dire straits – just due it!

When it comes to choosing the right supplier, it pays to be apprehensive, and even more so to be proactive. It’s not simply a question of picking the company that’s most cost-effective, or the contractor who impressed you the most.

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Fraud prevention, starring big data analytics

Fraud accounts for approximately five percent of lost revenue in the average organisation. Assessing the dangers to themselves and their clients is without question the biggest challenge for risk managers.

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