Written by Adnan Essa
Posted on 13/02/2015

Week 7: Weekly Blog Recap

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Confessions of a Credit Manager

At the start of 2007 the financial world looked to be a relatively risk free environment. Credit Risk Managers across the banking sector sat down with their teams and tried to justify their job title by looking for possible chinks in the armour. So what went wrong and what have we learnt?

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Has the use of mobile business intelligence plateaued?

Back at the end of 2013, information technology research firm Gartner predicted that confusion around big data would inhibit spending on business intelligence and analytics software until at least 2016.

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B2B: How the rise of APIs is creating a new genre of marketing

As APIs become an increasingly important part of business, the industry is responding with a tailored marketing approach, called B2D – or business to developers.

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Credit Score systems across the world

While credit score reporting is a concept that extends around the world, there are distinct variances in the systems used by different countries, as well as in the culture of credit itself.

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