Written by Brit Williams
Posted on 15/10/2013

Spot the differences to prevent online fraud

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Fraud prevention online is a matter that you may be able to take into your own hands. Keeping one eye on the transactions made at your online stores will help in identifying potential rogue buyers.

An incomplete, different or temporary delivery address may be one of the first signs. There are times when shoppers may have their purchases sent to wherever they’re staying at the time, and that’s fine. However, a discrepancy in the billing and delivery addresses could also be an indication of card fraud. If the destination is a ‘high risk’ country for fraud - many of these are in Africa and Eastern Europe - tread carefully.

When looking at customer orders, double check a high volume or unusually high value order - especially if there doesn’t seem to be a preference for the size, colour or make. Call the customer to confirm the order and assuage any doubts you might have.

After the order has been sent out, some couriers accept ‘Redirect’ or ‘Intercept’ notices to have the delivery address changed during transit. You have the authority to instruct your courier not to allow these changes.

It’s always nice to see online orders rolling in, but failing to check them more carefully in these instances could leave both you and the real card holders exposed.