Written by Nick Driver
Posted on 11/03/2014

Organisation formed to represent international credit

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A new organisation has been formed to support professionals working in the area of credit, called the Association of International Credit Directors (AICD). 

Ensuring best practice in the industry
The association will work on behalf of and assist international credit and collection professionals, establishing a ‘gold standard’ for all work undertaken. The AICD will also develop best practices for the use of technology and business support, and provide a voice for all industry occupants. In addition, the organisation will deliver guidance and support on organisational structure and Shared Service models within firms. The AICD will be managed by Bill Dunlop, a fellow of the Institute of Credit Management. He commented:

“Increasingly, international credit directors are involved at a strategic level in their organisations, combining detailed customer knowledge with solid financial and commercial backgrounds gained over many years at the sharp end of an enterprise.” Dunlop added: “We believe the time was right to create an organisation that will share best practice, information and experience among international credit professionals who are performing vital functions at the heart of their firms.”

Founder members of the AICD include international credit directors from Microsoft, Fox Broadcasting, Japan International Tobacco and Office Depot. 

Signifying the importance of credit management 
The emergence of the AICD demonstrates the growing importance of international credit management for firms operating beyond their domestic market. By combining the efforts and knowledge of senior figures in leading firms, the association can assist with the development of financial risk management within members’ companies.  Credit intelligence is key to such practices, helping to paint a picture of a buyer, partner firm or competitor’s financial operations to ensure more informed reporting and decision making. 

For further information on the AICD, please visit their website at