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Posted on 03/04/2020

Free Marketing Sessions for Small Businesses with Financial Marketing Ltd (FM)

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Free Marketing Sessions for Small Businesses

Next Session is at 3pm on Thursday on 9 April


Our marketing friends at Financial Marketing Ltd (FM) had their second free marketing session for small businesses on Thursday 2 April and the session continues to go from strength to strength.

One of the key discussions was concerning what to post and when to post. We have all been fixated with posting content to generate enquiries and be part of whatever debate is raging at the time. But what do you post when people are stuck at home worried and distracted?

The conclusion was that we need to reset and switch into a different mode. It’s all about empathy and trust - not thrust. We need to go back to using the phone and simply being human. ‘How are you?’ is the most important thing to say right now.

FM also discussed the importance of recommendation and referral both now and after the world comes out of lockdown. The cornerstone of this is again going to be trust and our marketing will need to be focused on engendering and reinforcing this most valuable of commodities.

The next session is at 3pm on Thursday 9 April.

It’s free, and all you need is a pen, a pad and your marketing challenges.

To book your place, simply email FM at and headline the email 3 on Thursday.