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Graydon Risk Analysis

A financial screening of your business relations.

How well do you really know your business relationships? Which relationships pose a risk of reputation damage? And which relationships carry an increased financial risk or an insolvency risk? With the Graydon Risk Analysis you receive a financial review of your business relations. With this analysis you immediately see where possible risks lie, but also where there are opportunities for your company.

The Graydon Risk Analysis gives you the answer to the following questions:

  • In which sectors are my relations located? And how big are these companies?
  • Which relationships pose a financial risk or could cause reputational damage?
  • Which relations receive a red flag? And why?
  • Which attributes (XSeptions) stand out in my relations?
  • How do my relations score on Graydon's most important (financial) scores?
  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on business?


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How does it work?

In a risk analysis, your customer data is combined with the Graydon database and then benchmarked. This gives you a unique analysis with insights that you can also use for your marketing or sales strategy.

It is important to first gain insight into your customers and suppliers. Who are your main customers and which customers generate the highest turnover? Or, which suppliers do you depend on most? The Graydon Risk Analysis literally maps this out for you.

What our customers are saying

Our client portfolio includes large and small companies, government agencies and associations in the most diverse sectors. And yet they have a lot in common. They want to be inspired and all demand the highest level of quality, knowledge, expertise and practical support. We are proud that, as a true partner, we enjoy the trust of our customers and that we can participate in their strategic future plans.