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What is the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the turnover of your company?

In a period of economic uncertainty it is important to know how your company's turnover is developing. What is the impact of COVID-19 on your customer portfolio? And what effects will the current crisis have on your company's turnover now and in the future? The Graydon Forecasting Analysis gives you a clear answer.

Business is always changing, but the Coronavirus has suddenly had a huge impact. Sometimes the consequences are positive, but there are many companies that suffer large losses. To determine the best action to take to mitigate risks and seize opportunities, reliable predictions for the future are more important than ever.


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Which questions will you receive an answer to?

  • What percentage of my turnover is subject to risk due to the upcoming wave of bankruptcies?
  • What proportion of my sales will be jeopardised by customers discontinuing their operations?
  • What part of my turnover may be at risk from customers who are now using their resources sparingly?

What does the analysis do?

The Graydon Forecasting Analysis shows you how your turnover is affected by the current Coronavirus crisis. To this end, your entire customer portfolio is analysed, possibly together with your prospects. Graydon's data and score models allow you to estimate the impact of COVID-19 on their business operations, presenting creditworthiness and credit limit per customer or prospect.

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