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Decision Model API

A uniform assessment of all your business relations, integrated within your own system.

Is your company planning to take on new customers at a rapid pace? Then, it is essential that you check the financial status of your (new) customers in an automated and uniform manner, preferably during the purchasing process. By checking all transactions quickly and efficiently as the customer provides their information, the risks to your company are minimised.

With the Graydon Decision Model API you translate your acceptance policy into business rules, according to certain parameters. Your customers enter their information and, on the basis of the financial data held by Graydon, you can immediately accept or reject them. Plug the Decision Model API into your own systems and, once connected, you never have to think about it again: your customer will be presented with a payment method matched to them, and you avoid delayed and error-prone data assessments.

With the Graydon Decision Model API you can:

  • Create a tailored acceptance process that can you can easily evaluate and adapt
  • Assess your customers before you embark on a business relationship with them
  • Minimise the risk of late payment or default

Would you like to find out more about a uniform acceptance process? Then take a look at our Graydon Decision Model solution.