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API Company Profile

Prevent incomplete or erroneous information: populate your database with up-to-date information, including company financial crises.

With the Graydon Company Profile API, your own systems, such as your financial administration and CRM systems, are always equipped with the most up-to-date information.

The Company API contains generic company data via which you can supplement your database with the most recent information. Besides comprehensive company information you can also opt to add information about company financial crises to your own database. With this, you can immediately see whether customers or prospects are financially healthy and whether it would be advisable to take action.

Insight into the current financial situation of customers and prospects.

Enhance your database with the credit limit, the Graydon Rating or the payment behaviour of your customers and prospects. That way, you always know the current state of play. For instance, does a customer have a low credit rating? If so, you can easily see this and can adjust your payment arrangements accordingly.

Contact the right person

When you're seeking to do business with a company, you want to be sure you're talking to the right person and that they have the authority to enter into agreements. The Company API provides information about affiliations, what the group structures of a company are, who is the owner and which companies have issued a declaration of liability.

Which data elements are included in the Company API?

  • Company profile
  • Company Profile: contains generic company information
  • Branch offices: list of registered branch offices
  • Credit scores
  • Credit limit
  • Credit demand
  • Graydon Rating
  • Risk of Dissolution
  • Payment score
  • Affiliations
  • Managers/directors/owners
  • Shareholders
  • Group structures
  • Companies with liability declaration
  • Other related companies