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2018 Graydon annual report

Dear reader,

On this page you will find Graydon Holding N.V.'s annual report for 2018.

In 2018, we took important steps towards achieving our strategic goals, working to strengthen the focus on our customers, focusing on our core business, and further developing our customer solutions so we can continue down the path to profitable growth.

In our annual report, you will find an overview of all the important steps we have taken in 2018:

Sharp focus on the customer

In order to serve our customers well, both now and in the future, further investments have been made in revamping our products and improving our dashboards. We have listened carefully to the feedback and improved our service and customer focus so that we can serve our customers even better. By continuously improving our points of contact and means of communication using customer feedback, our organisation can respond even better to the customer's needs.

Concentration on our core activities

We finalised our strategic focus on business information in 2018 with the sale of the collection activities. These activities, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands, have been carefully transferred, keeping both the customers and employees in mind. In addition, we are investing in new products and making our insights accessible to our customers in a variety of different ways, such as innovating the dashboards, APIX and increasing the number of scores.

Sharp focus on innovation

With the launch of Graydon Market Information on the Graydon Insights platform, we can help companies grow in line with our strategy. With these new solutions, companies can discover opportunities in the market, optimise marketing campaigns, and achieve growth. In addition, we expanded our solution portfolio in 2018 with innovative analytical scores and solutions that use Credit Information, Market Information, and Risk & Compliance. New standard solutions and solutions developed in collaboration with the customer enable Graydon to offer solutions to a greater variety of decision-makers within companies. That allows us to be even better at accomplishing our mission: 'Here to help you grow'.

We are proud of the steps we have taken to achieve profitable growth and restore profitability. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and our many customers for the trust that has been placed in us and, of course, to all of the employees who have worked hard to achieve this for you.

Kind regards,

Caroline Schouten, CFO Graydon

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